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One Year of Blogging

on January 10, 2013

A year ago, I began this blog with a very personal and heartbreaking post. I shared with all of you that I suffered a miscarriage. When I wrote the blog, on Jan. 10th of last year, I was still reeling from the pain. It still hurts my heart when I think about that little life and what could have been.

Yet as I sit here, writing this post today, I am filled with such joy. I am watching my eight week old daughter sleep in her swing. My two-year old son is taking a nap and I am free for a moment to share my thoughts.

After my miscarriage, I wondered if I would have any more children. I questioned if I was emotionally strong enough to go through another pregnancy, should we be blessed enough to get pregnant.

We were so fortunate that four months after our miscarriage, I became pregnant. I will never forget how nervous I was going in for that first ultra-sound because that’s when we learned our previous pregnancy wasn’t viable.

Now, I am filled with such joy and a feeling of contentment that I’ve never had before. I feel that our family is complete. Hadley Hope was the missing piece to our puzzle and she is a gift from God.


Now I’m trying to do my best to be thankful. In this New Year, I am trying to grow in my relationship with God and make sure that our kids grow up in the church, just like my husband and I did. I’m starting a “Life with God” class this Sunday. I want to find ways to give thanks and give back to our community as well.

Though life with two can be hectic and I usually spend my days in sweatpants with no makeup, it’s a good life.

I hope your New Year is off to a great start! I’ll be on here when I can.

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5 responses to “One Year of Blogging

  1. Happy Blogiversary! It’s been an incredible journey for your family this year and I wish you nothing but peace, love and happiness to come!

  2. Such a beautiful little girl. I hope you are well.

  3. I love you, Kath! Wonderful blog post. I am happy for you!

  4. tashaarmijo says:

    Happy blogiversary! I just started mine up and found yours by searching for “Key West mom blogs” because we’re moving soon! Lol doesn’t look like you’re a Key West mom, but congrats on making the transition to mom of two! We’re well on our way to making it ourselves!

  5. Sarah says:

    Hi Kathleen! Happy 1 year of blogging (about a month late though it looks like!) Anyway, I was just on Jen’s blogroll over at Why CLE? And hopped over to yours. I have a son just a few months younger than Blake as well and a pup named Bailey. Just thought that was funny. Anyway, congrats on little Hadley…. she’s adorable! Anyway, I’m sure you’re crazy busy with the new addition but would love for you to say hi when you get the chance! We’ve only been in Cleveland a few years and it’s nice to find other parents with a boy about the same age as our Drew. Hope you have a great week!

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