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Two bumps and a bee sting

on October 1, 2012

This weekend, we headed to our house on the Lake Erie Islands. It was a beautiful fall weekend, and I LOVE being at the islands in the off-season. The weather is still beautiful and the crowds are sparse.

We spent our day taking long walks and playing with Blake. We also went apple picking and to a pumpkin patch at Bergman’s Orchard in Lakeside. We always stop at Bergman’s on our way to the islands and President Obama even stopped there this summer while on a visit from Toledo to Cleveland.

The weather was perfect for apple picking!


We grabbed a basket and starting filling it with lots of different kinds of apples.

(I officially feel like I’ve been pregnant forever)

Blake was a great helper. He also LOVES apples.

We also picked our own pumpkins at Bergman’s Pumpkin Patch.

Daddy led the way, with Blake closely behind him!

But our weekend did have a pretty big hiccup. While visiting our friends on the island, Blake fell down twice, bumping his head and nose. Just as we left their house to go get dinner, a bee somehow flew into the hood of Blake’s sweatshirt and stung him three times on the neck. It was just awful.

We rushed him to the First Aid Garage (yes, it is literally a garage on the island!) and had a nurse look at him. Dean and I are not allergic to bees, but we wanted to make sure Blake was somewhere they could take care of him in case he had a reaction. The yellow jacket did a number on our little guy and he was in so much pain. It was heartbreaking! Luckily, the nurse gave me an ointment to apply to his neck. It numbed the pain and took down the swelling. Now, you can’t even tell he was stung.

Needless to say, Blake was put through the ringer. Here is a look at his battle scars.

He still looks pretty beat up! No doubt that our son is 100% boy!

Are you enjoying fall? What fun activities have you done so far? Also, have your kids been stung by bees? They seem to be very aggressive this season. Any similar stories?

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4 responses to “Two bumps and a bee sting

  1. Michelle says:

    I don’t know if it worse for them or mom? He is such a sweety pie!!

  2. Aww…poor kiddo! For some reason our family always seems to experience something traumatic the day of our apple orchard family outing. But the two that really stick in my mind are when our son was 15 months old he shook the gate on our steps and ended up loosening it and falling. We took our first trip to the ER that day and he received staples in his head. And the other one that is REALLY embedded to memory is a couple years ago our daughter was 4 and son was 3, I had to go change our 2 month old so I left the other two with my hubby. Our daughter somehow got lost…longest and worst 10 minutes of my life! But yet we still have not learned our lesson and we continue to plan our family outing to the orchard each year.

  3. oh my! I am so sorry. that is terrible. I hope he’s better now.

  4. Cindy D. says:

    Wow what an eventful weekend!

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