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One Year of Blogging

A year ago, I began this blog with a very personal and heartbreaking post. I shared with all of you that I suffered a miscarriage. When I wrote the blog, on Jan. 10th of last year, I was still reeling from the pain. It still hurts my heart when I think about that little life and what could have been.

Yet as I sit here, writing this post today, I am filled with such joy. I am watching my eight week old daughter sleep in her swing. My two-year old son is taking a nap and I am free for a moment to share my thoughts.

After my miscarriage, I wondered if I would have any more children. I questioned if I was emotionally strong enough to go through another pregnancy, should we be blessed enough to get pregnant.

We were so fortunate that four months after our miscarriage, I became pregnant. I will never forget how nervous I was going in for that first ultra-sound because that’s when we learned our previous pregnancy wasn’t viable.

Now, I am filled with such joy and a feeling of contentment that I’ve never had before. I feel that our family is complete. Hadley Hope was the missing piece to our puzzle and she is a gift from God.


Now I’m trying to do my best to be thankful. In this New Year, I am trying to grow in my relationship with God and make sure that our kids grow up in the church, just like my husband and I did. I’m starting a “Life with God” class this Sunday. I want to find ways to give thanks and give back to our community as well.

Though life with two can be hectic and I usually spend my days in sweatpants with no makeup, it’s a good life.

I hope your New Year is off to a great start! I’ll be on here when I can.


Picture It!

My house may be a mess. I may live in sweatpants and the dog may be waiting by the door to go outside, by gosh darn-it, I mailed out our Christmas Cards/Birth Announcement to our friends and family weeks ago! That’s right. Our card went out right after Thanksgiving. I may not be a Betty Crocker in the kitchen or a Martha Stewart around the house, but I can claim that one small victory. I’ll admit, I’m pretty proud I got those cards out just days after having a baby!

Now I’ll share some of our new family photos with you. Photographer Tom Miller of Parma came to our house and took the pictures of our new baby girl Hadley, and some family shots of all of us.

This is one of my favorites…HADLEY_014

It has been such a joy to watch Blake interact with his new baby sister. I still can’t believe I’m the mother of two.


In this picture, Hadley is wearing the dress that I wore home from the hospital as a newborn baby. My mom saved it for all these years and now I plan on putting the dress in a shadow box in Hadley’s nursery. It was so special she was able to wear it.

This next picture reminds me of an Anne Geddes pose.


Blake was also a good boy for our photo shoot.


Now here’s a look at the new family of four.


We aren’t quite in a routine yet and I’ve had a TON of help from my mom, who stayed with us for the first two weeks and has been back and forth from West Virginia to Cleveland to help out. Here’s a look at three generations of Cochrane Women!


Dean has also been wonderful, doing middle of the night feedings and my mother-in-law has been coming over a few mornings a week to pitch in. This is such a special time and we are enjoying the holiday season more than ever.

I hope you all are enjoying the holidays, too! Until next time…




It’s a GIRL!

We have a wonderful new addition to our family! Hadley Hope was born at 3:20 a.m. on Tuesday, the 13th. She weighed 7 lbs 15 oz and is 20 inches long. She came two days earlier than my scheduled csection (Blake was a csection and I had to have another) and exactly one week before her actual due date. We are beyond thrilled and tired and anxious and overwhelmed…the emotions go on and on! Here is a look at our new family of four.


Blake is adjusting and we are trying to make this as easy on him as we can. The hardest part right now is that I can’t pick him up and he can’t sit on my lap. Other than that, he’s been a real sport about sharing mommy and daddy with his baby sister. There is so much to talk about and once things calm down, I will do a more thorough update. For now, it’s time for me to sleep when the baby sleeps!


The Ides of November

Blake only has a few more days left as an only child.

(Here is he dressed up as a cowboy for Halloween. Trick-or-Treat night was only a few days ago here in the Cleveland area because of Hurricane Sandy)

While we are so excited to welcome his new sibling into the world, I also feel guilty that I won’t be able to give him 100% of my attention once the baby is born.  I’m sure there will be some rough days, but I also know our little guy is going to make a GREAT big brother! He talks about the baby all the time and says he can’t wait until he has someone else to play with! Parents, any advice on how to handle two?

As for me, I’m feeling pretty good, considering I could go into labor at any moment!

(Not the greatest picture of me, but it’s the most recent! Dean was dressed as the “Man in the Yellow Hat”  because Blake was supposed to be Curious George but he changed his mind!)

Yes, I’m uncomfortable and wobbly and my balance is totally off, but I’m feeling well enough to go see MADONNA LIVE IN CONCERT tomorrow!

I’m so excited! Maybe my water will break to “Like a Virgin”! haha I can’t wait to VOGUE!

In addition to all the excitement surrounding Baby #2, we’ve also had to deal with some health issues with our nine-year old Schnoodle, Bailey.


Bailey was just diagnosed with diabetes and I now have to give him two shots of insulin a day. Luckily, he is a very good and docile dog, so this hasn’t been a problem. I got very overwhelmed, though, when I tried to test his blood sugar. The vet instructed me to prick him on his ear, take his blood and test the sugar. It was much harder than it looked and it’s just not something I can add to my plate right now. Luckily, the vet told me to just keep giving him his insulin shots and I can bring him in for periodic blood sugar testing. I can’t imagine trying to take care of a two-year old, a newborn, give Bailey two insulin shots a day AND test his blood sugar twice a day. I am only one woman! :)

So from a diabetic dog, to Madonna to getting ready to pop, that’s what’s going on around here! I hope to update the blog at least one more time before I go into labor. Mother Nature will determine if that’s possible! Have a great weekend and I will be sure to post some pictures from the concert. You can always follow me on Twitter or check out my Reporter Turned Mommy Facebook Page for updates.







The Great Escape!

We have a little bandit on our hands. He tiptoes through the night, scurries from room to room during nap time and is making his nine-month pregnant mother quite the hormonal witch! Meet Blake…the bedtime Bandit.

About a month ago, we transitioned Blake from his crib, into a “big boy bed” with rails. Here’s a look at his new room.


It was honestly the easiest transition ever. He took to it like a duck to water. We had no issues. Zero. It was too easy.

About a week ago, that all changed. Last Saturday morning, Blake got out of his big boy bed on his own for the first time. It was 7:30 a.m. and he came into our room. I honestly thought it was so cute that he finally figured out he could get out of the bed on his own and come see Mommy and Daddy. He usually wakes up around 7:45, so 15 minutes early was no big deal. But, it didn’t stop there.

Blake figured out he could get out of his bed during nap time, resulting in me trying to keep him in his room for 90 minutes on Monday and Tuesday. He didn’t nap those days and I thought I was going to lose it.

Bedtime is also an issue now. He continues to come down the stairs and say “Hi” in his most animated voice.

So far, I’ve figured out the only way to get him to nap is to plan my errands for just before his nap time. He falls asleep in the car and I do the “transfer” to his bed when I get home. Today, after trying to put him down for 30 minutes, I just threw him the car, drove for 10 minutes until he fell asleep, then put him to bed. I can do that right now, but what am I supposed to do in just a few weeks when we have a new baby in the house?

He is also now waking up everyday at 6am, nearly TWO HOURS earlier than usual. I’m exhausted and I can see that he is, too. I think he is just so excited at his new-found freedom that he can’t help himself.

I need some advice, pronto!

I don’t want to lock him in his room. To me, that seems cruel and it could scare him. I also don’t like the idea of putting netting over his bed like he’s a caged animal. But hey, I also understand that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Did any of you have this problem? If so, what did you do? I really want to try to come up with a solution before the new baby comes. I’m prepared to be up all hours with our newborn, but I’m not sure I can handle being up all hours with two children.


Think Pink

October is quickly winding to a close, but it is still Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Just yesterday, a good friend and former Fox 8 colleague, announced live, on-air that she is battling breast cancer. My buddy, Stacey Frey,

(Stacey is picture here, the first from the left. This was taken during one of our Fox 8 Girl’s Nights)

was surrounded by her son, Aiden and husband, John, as she made the emotional announcement. You can see what she had to say by clicking on the link below.

I talked to Stacey for a while yesterday. Luckily, she caught the cancer early through self-examination. She is undergoing surgery this morning and I know she will get through it with flying colors. If you believe in the power of prayer, as I do, please say a prayer for Stacey today.

I also recently did a story for Parma Community General Hospital on new breast cancer screening technology. Tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography, is now available at PCGH. This new, 3D way to see the breast, can possibly eliminate a step in the breast cancer screening process because the image is so much sharper and more “real” to life. Anyone can opt to upgrade to a 3D Mammogram during their annual exam. Even if you choose not to upgrade to tomosynthesis, the traditional, 2d mammogram is still an excellent screening tool and it saves lives.

You can learn more about tomosynthesis and check out my story by clicking on the link below.


Remember, if you are over the age of 40, have a family history of breast cancer or notice something abnormal, get a mammogram!

Enjoy this beautiful fall day.




Happy Fall Y’ALL!

We are now just weeks away from the arrival of Baby #2 and I have been extremely busy preparing! The best news is I am feeling pretty good, all things considered. In the last six weeks of my pregnancy with Blake, I got pregnancy induced migraines that were completely debilitating. They are very rare but luckily, I don’t have them this time (fingers crossed!).

It’s been a beautiful fall and we’ve taken advantage of several of the wonderful fruit and pumpkin farms here in Northeast Ohio. A few weeks ago, we spent a fun morning/afternoon at Patterson Fruit Farm in Chesterland.

Patterson’s is just plain awesome! They have tractor rides, corn mazes, little tractors for the kiddos to ride themselves and climb in, big slides that end in the woods, an entire hay tent, filled with slides,,,I could go on and on!

Blake and I met two of my friends and their kids at Patterson’s. Blake was having so much fun, we ended up staying even after they left.

Last weekend, we took a family trip to another great farm, Mapleside in Brunswick. Mapleside is another fall Mecca.

They have most of the fall essentials you will find at Patterson’s, in addition to a nice restaurant and fun fall gift shoppes.

Here’s a look at all “four” of us!

While it was a beautiful day, it rained the night before our visit and the corn maze was a mud pit! Just look at Blake.

And I look just like a pumpkin!

SIL Laura and cousin Sean met us at Mapleside.

This week is supposed to be beautiful with temps in the 70’s and we have even more fun fall activities planned, including Blake’s first train ride! I feel so blessed I’m able to do all of these fun things with my little guy, especially since I am in my last weeks of pregnancy. I’m trying to pack in as much as I can, including getting my Christmas shopping done, because I know I won’t be leaving the house much after mid-Nov.

I hope you are enjoying your fall, too!


Two bumps and a bee sting

This weekend, we headed to our house on the Lake Erie Islands. It was a beautiful fall weekend, and I LOVE being at the islands in the off-season. The weather is still beautiful and the crowds are sparse.

We spent our day taking long walks and playing with Blake. We also went apple picking and to a pumpkin patch at Bergman’s Orchard in Lakeside. We always stop at Bergman’s on our way to the islands and President Obama even stopped there this summer while on a visit from Toledo to Cleveland.

The weather was perfect for apple picking!


We grabbed a basket and starting filling it with lots of different kinds of apples.

(I officially feel like I’ve been pregnant forever)

Blake was a great helper. He also LOVES apples.

We also picked our own pumpkins at Bergman’s Pumpkin Patch.

Daddy led the way, with Blake closely behind him!

But our weekend did have a pretty big hiccup. While visiting our friends on the island, Blake fell down twice, bumping his head and nose. Just as we left their house to go get dinner, a bee somehow flew into the hood of Blake’s sweatshirt and stung him three times on the neck. It was just awful.

We rushed him to the First Aid Garage (yes, it is literally a garage on the island!) and had a nurse look at him. Dean and I are not allergic to bees, but we wanted to make sure Blake was somewhere they could take care of him in case he had a reaction. The yellow jacket did a number on our little guy and he was in so much pain. It was heartbreaking! Luckily, the nurse gave me an ointment to apply to his neck. It numbed the pain and took down the swelling. Now, you can’t even tell he was stung.

Needless to say, Blake was put through the ringer. Here is a look at his battle scars.

He still looks pretty beat up! No doubt that our son is 100% boy!

Are you enjoying fall? What fun activities have you done so far? Also, have your kids been stung by bees? They seem to be very aggressive this season. Any similar stories?


Pre-school 180

I am on a high right now. That’s because Blake was WONDERFUL today at Mommy and Me Pre-school! He was a completely different child.

When it was time to put the toys away, Blake turned to me and said, “I sit in mommy’s lap?”. I quickly answered “Yes” and he got his own carpet square and was one of the first kids to sit down. (This is a HUGE change from three weeks ago. See THIS POST for details) I didn’t want to do anything to rock the boat. I was afraid to make eye contact with the other moms or even breathe, for fear that this good behavior would disappear!

Thankfully, it didn’t. Blake sang the songs, listened to the teacher, and surprise of all surprises, he even walked up to the chalkboard when the teacher called his name and placed a cloud on the board, all by himself. I seriously thought we were MONTHS away from him doing that!

I think repetition is the key. This was our third week of pre-school and we also started taking him to  Church Sunday School. This, combined with practice at home, is what I believe led to today’s turn around. I am just so proud of my little guy!

How long did it take your kids to “get it” when it came to a new activity? I plan on spending the rest of the day basking in the glow of this one small victory, because who knows what next week will bring?!!


My Mystery Card

Thursday, I turned 33. I spent the day with my mom at Spa West in Westlake.

It was amazing! We both got facials and I got a pre-natal massage, while she got a relaxation massage. In all my 33 years, I’ve never had a spa day with my mom, so this was extra special!

My favorite gift, though, showed up when I went to the mailbox to get our mail. Someone dropped off a card in our mailbox and the envelope simply said “Happy Birthday”. I opened the card and this is what I found.

The inside of the card reads:

“Hi Mommy, it is little ole me

With a birthday greeting from your baby to be

I’m reaching out at this important time

With a message that is one of a kind

Today is a day like no other

The day you were born to be my mother

Blow out the candles as you make a wish

Inside your belly I’ll give you a kiss

When family and friends start to clap

I’ll join in by giving a tap

I’ll be at your next party so have no fear

Cause next year at this time I’ll be out of here

Happy Birthday Mommy

Love, Your Baby on the Way”

The message from this card went straight to my heart. I wasn’t pregnant during my birthday when I was expecting Blake, so this is the first time I’ve ever received a card like this. The Line “The day you were born to be my mother” made me cry. I love this message and the best part….I truly have no idea who it is from! The handwriting was not Dean’s or my mother’s and they were just as surprised by it. So to my little Baby on the Way…..thank you for this special card. Love, your Mommy

ps…The card is by Franklin Signature Company if any of you are interested in finding a similar one



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